Lotteries continue to recognize the need for Innovation and Adaptation to the interests and likes of the next generations of Lottery players.  One very recent example is reported by The Boston Globe Columnist Shirley Leung.

Though highly successful, The Massachusetts State Lottery is not resting and sees that true Innovation is necessary to continue to engage current players and attract new players, especially younger ones.  State Treasurer Deb Goldberg, who is also the Chair of The Lottery Commission, said “the world is changing so quickly  If we are complacent, we will ultimately be obsolete.”  At her insistence, The Commission met this week to discuss the possibility of bringing Lottery games online and adding skill games like fantasy sports to their offering.

The problem is twofold; the aging of the core Lottery 40+-year-old player base and the new expectations of those in their 20s and 30s often referred to as “digital natives”, who want and expect to be able to do everything, at any time, on any of their mobile devices.

Another part of the challenge is that Millennials have grown up in a world where it seems everything is customizable.  This is why the “Player Created Phrase Based” games we have developed that enable players to create personal Online Instant Scratch-Off Cards using Alphanumerics, are so engaging.  Family members’ names, pets, sports teams and players, TV, movie and recording stars are just a few of the virtually unlimited combinations that can be entered and played.  The words or phrases are created by the player using A through Z, 0 through 9 and several other characters including @, # and $.

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Lotteries are facing increased competition.  Treasurer Deb Goldberg and Lottery Executive Director Michael Sweeney recognize true Innovation is their key to growth and are pushing to further explore the opportunities.

How might PHRAZZES SCRATCHEZZ help solve this problem?  In a word, Engagement.  Dozens of screenshots of games played showing the wide variety of engaging topics possible are at There are in fact more than 2.7 BILLION 6 character combinations players can enter to create the Instant Scratch-Off Card that THEY want to play.

We encourage players to send us a screenshot of the games they play and win with to  We will continue to post them, and if they send us the photo of the person, place, thing or event that motivated them to play SCRATCHEZZ for fun, we will post that too along with their winning screenshot.